Software Plug-in for PowerPoint
At ZUMA, we were doing a lot of work with advertising agencies who at the time where archiving their spots to DVD. Inevitably, people wanted to start using the DVDs in their PowerPoint presentations...but there was no simple and effective way to access an interactive DVD from PowerPoint.


In collaboration with Todd Collart at InterActual, now a part of Sonic Solutions, we created a new software plug-in for PowerPoint that provided easy-to-use and reliable playback of any DVD-Video from a presentation.

Here is a link to the original sales slick (6.2MB PDF), which i also designed. Tresha did the styling.


ActiveDVD was very easy to use, yet allowed users a lot of control over their presentations.

And i found this old thread from the venerable Geoff Tully of DVDList fame mentioning ActiveDVD back in 2001;

Look at the work that Blaine Graboyes and the team at Zuma Digital have done with DVD-Video embedded in PowerPoint presentations. You may have to catch Blaine at a trade show, because I think all of his titles have been forcommercial clients, not sold in stores. [Again, only on PCs ... not on MacPowerPoint].

Most of our clients for ActiveDVD were either advertising agencies, such as BBDO and JWT, broadcasters, like Lifetime or Nickelodeon, and Corporations such as McDonalds. This also led to some very interesting projects such as; archiving all the M&Ms commercials or designing Upfront presentations for ad sales.

More than anything though about ActiveDVD, i remember the users and customers of the software with whom i became friends through trials of fire. At the time, i was maybe 27 years old and running this boutique new media company while our actual end users for ActiveDVD tended to be very senior executives, since they were the ones giving presentations of major importance. Often, i would attend these presentations - either because we had produced some of the content at ZUMA or for technical / moral support for the presenters.

This is where i really started to learn about custom service. Presidents of Fortune 100 companies and Worldwide IT Directors demand a level of performance that few others generally have the confidence and experience to request. When the human needs of an individual intersect with the business needs of a corporation, the expectations can be very high.