PGA DVD Master Class

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PGA DVD Master Class

Presentation titled “DVD Master Class” given by Blaine Graboyes (along with Sven Krong from Click Media) on March 27, 2005 at The Producers Guild of America PGA DVD Master Class from Blaine Graboyes

Decked Out for DVD

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Over the past five years, DVD authoring has emerged from the exclusive domain of an elite handful of professionals to move within the reach of anyone with a digital video camera, high-powered workstation, and a thousand bucks—or less, even—to spend on software. Indeed, each week seems to bring the release of yet another “consumer” authoring […]

The Art Of Storyboarding – From Concept To Production And Beyond

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The Art Of Storyboarding – From Concept To Production And Beyond

LA DV Show 2002 from Blaine Graboyes

NIST / DVDA 2002

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NIST / DVDA 2002

Presentation titled “The DVD Services Model: My Experiences At ZUMA Digital and Beyond” given by Blaine Graboyes on June 4, 2002 at The National Institute For Standards And Technology for the DVD Association “Standards, Applications and Technologies Conference” NIST / DVDA 2002 from Blaine Graboyes

A New Ceiling?

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I believe it was Dana Parker, DVD Diva and former EMedia columnist, who proclaimed the need for a Michelangelo of DVD. While some pure technophiles scoffed at the notion of a DVD luminary who would elevate what was nothing more than a “bigger bit bucket” to the heights of the Sistine Chapel ceiling, others saw […]


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You are a very renowned person in the DVD creative field and founder of Zuma Digital. Can you tell us a bit about how you got started in the industry? I went to Bennington College in Vermont and at Bennington I was exposed to new media production through the New Media Centers, which were a […]

Untangling Web-DVD Playback

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There’s no trick to creating a title on which DVD and the Web co-exist. But how do you create true interaction between the realm, and ensure that it will all play on a DVD-ROM-equipped PC? Read The Full Story

Can DVD Bring the World Together?

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Better to CD or to DVD? In some cases, producers will provide a DVD version of a project for internal use, but will also design a Web-connected CD for wider distribution. Blaine Graboyes, COO and creative director of Zuma Digital in New York City, recalls a recent project the for clothing giant Guess that germinated […]


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“The problem in the music business is that 25 years ago, no one had any concept about the future uses of the recordings,” observes Blaine Graboyes, founder and creative director of Zuma Digital. The multimedia authoring and audio facility in New York City has been doing 5.1 remixes for a range of media, including film, […]

DVD Production 2000

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DVD Production 2000

Presentation titled “DVD Authoring Issues” given by Blaine Graboyes in 2000 at the DVD Production 2000 conference in Los Angeles, CA DVD Production 2000 from Blaine Graboyes

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