All About Live Streaming – PGA Event

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Live broadcasting has become an integral part of the digital landscape in the form of live streaming to desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. Technology platforms such as UStream, LiveStream, and, and YouTube provide powerful tools for producers to reach eager (and massive) audiences. For example, the recent broadcast of RIOT! Games’ League […]

Pinion And Beyond Gaming Announce Massive Esports Events

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At the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, CA, Pinion Tech and Beyond Gaming announced the new “Pinion Tournament System: Powered By Beyond Gaming” to bring massive esports events and prizes to the PC gaming community. With our partners at Beyond Gaming we’ll be the first to bring the tournament experience to community servers […]

How My Childhood Friend Became A CEO (and What You Can Learn From Him)

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I have an older cousin who I worshipped when I was a kid. He would go on to teach me about punk rock (which I learned how to play), skateboarding (which I admired from afar), and a variety of other corruptions to my person. My cousin had a friend named Blaine Graboyes who was as […]

Multiple Producers, Multiple Platforms

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Today’s producers are working on every platform including film, TV, social, games, mobile, events, comics, ARGs, and more. This panel features members from The Producers Guild (PGA) who will share the intimate details on the past, present, and future of producing for multi-platform distribution. Each presenter will discuss a similarly sized project (approximately $1MM budget) […]

QSR Prizes Driving Gamers to “Play For It!” in Online Competitions

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TOLEDO, OH–(Marketwired – Sep 5, 2013) – Beyond Gaming, which hosts grassroots online competitions on its platform for hundreds of thousands of gamers, has quickly learned that gamers are passionate and motivated by real world prizes, especially QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) digital gift vouchers. In fact, on their proprietary “Play For It!” platform, both casual […]

Beyond Gaming Names Blaine Graboyes New CEO

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Toledo, OH, January 8, 2013 – Beyond Gaming is proud to introduce Blaine Graboyes as the newCEO of the play-for-prizes service. Graboyes is an award-winning Executive Producer and Game Designer with nearly 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry. He has produced thousands of successful projects for dozens of top clients, including DreamWorks, Mattel, […]

Story Hackers Talk ‘Post-Apocalyptic Dating,’ Multi-Platform Performance And Plot

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It may not be long before you hear a theater announcement, “The performance is about to begin. Please turn on all electronic devices.” Last weekend in New York City, StoryCode’s ”Story Hack:Beta” challenged an intriguing mix of artists and techies to erase the boundaries between old and new forms of storytelling during a 36-hour hackathon. […]

Producer’s Guild of America at The New School – Crowdsourcing for Producers: How to use New Tools and Approaches to Fund and Finish Your Project

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The crowdsourcing phenomenon has had many success stories in the entertainment industry in recent years, from Yair Landau’s crowdsourced animation project in 2008, to the phenomenal rise of Kickstarter for crowdfunding. Now, crowdsourcing is being used by major brands to make marketing decisions; motivate feature film and T.V. audiences, and create dedicated distribution channels. This […]

Final Fantasy: A New Era for DVD?

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When producer and creative director Blaine Graboyes, then an employee of New York-based Zuma Digital, began production on the Final Fantasy two-disc DVD set, he found himself faced with an unprecedented amount of creative freedom, access, and financial resources. Not only did Columbia and Square Pictures deliver a seven-figure budget to complete the DVD, but […]

Play Games. Make a Difference! — Hope Arcade Launches to Support March of Dimes

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Play Games. Make a Difference! This simple suggestion is at the heart of an innovative approach to aiding nonprofit charities by leveraging the popularity of the ever-increasing “casual games” market. Burkley House Productions (BHP), a boutique marketing and advertising firm in Manhattan, announced today that it has released the beta version of Hope Arcade – […]

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