Can DVD Bring the World Together?

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Better to CD or to DVD?
In some cases, producers will provide a DVD version of a project for internal use, but will also design a Web-connected CD for wider distribution. Blaine Graboyes, COO and creative director of Zuma Digital in New York City, recalls a recent project the for clothing giant Guess that germinated at a record company. Graboyes was working with RCA Records’ senior VP of strategic business development, Joe DiMuro, on a project demo that would combine music videos by the recording artist Tyrese, a Guess spokesperson, and Guess marketing campaigns.

Zuma eventually burned the Tyrese/Guess project to an 8 cm mini CD-R, which it put on the table when Graboyes lucked into a meeting with Monica Adler and Leilani Augustine of the Guess marketing department in Los Angeles. “In retrospect, the deal was done as soon as they walked in and saw that cute little disc,” Graboyes says. “Monica and Leilani walked in and said, ‘Oooh, what’s that?’ We showed them the demo and they said, ‘This is your lucky day.’ [Guess co-founder] Paul Marciano had just asked them to put together disc-based marketing for Guess.”

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