A New Ceiling?

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I believe it was Dana Parker, DVD Diva and former EMedia columnist, who proclaimed the need for a Michelangelo of DVD. While some pure technophiles scoffed at the notion of a DVD luminary who would elevate what was nothing more than a “bigger bit bucket” to the heights of the Sistine Chapel ceiling, others saw the potential for an approach to DVD development that was more than technical, but in fact creative. Yes, DVD is a physical repository for art that has already been created, but it is also a tool. And because it is more than just the delivery medium for somebody else’s art, but a tool in itself, it seems that in the hands of creative people, DVD could offer something quite new and adventurous for film and technology aficionados alike.

The problem is that the bulk of DVD-Videos are made as an aftermarket, supplemental-sale item for Hollywood studios that are in the business of making movies. Glorious films, entertaining movies, and saleable schlock are churned out by studios every year. And while each film may enjoy its moment in theaters, home entertainment execs scrounge what’s left on the cutting room floor, tack on a few trailers for like-minded movies, and put out a DVD suffused with these afterthought enticements as “bonus features” soon after theatrical runs end. On better discs or pricey special editions, they might provide additional features like a commentary or “Making of…” documentary. But this is all after the fact. The DVD is hardly conceived during, much less a part of, the creative process.

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