Role/Credit: Digital Marketing Consultant
Client: Lane Street Productions     Year: 2011


What happens when a 19th century bodyguard is sent 150 years into the future to help with an indie film’s marketing campaign? He holsters his gun and sits down at the keyboard: meet Ward Hill Lamon.

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A Case Study In Indie & Social Film Marketing

Every year, thousands of films are produced and millions are spent in advertising. While big blockbuster films equal bigger budgets, smaller independent films have to be more creative to capture their audience’s attention. With the right ideas and execution, and a little help from social media, smaller films can stand out for their innovative marketing.

Even before they hit the box office, how do teams build anticipation and an interested audience to ensure the film’s success?

Discover how one team with a limited budget created a big impact campaign, building a captive audience across North America, before it hit the theatres.

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