Role/Credit: Executive Producer
Client: Ubisoft          Year: 2013

Following the success of the ShootMania “Royal Feast,” the latest installment in the Feast series dubbed the “Triple Crown Feast” brought back all of the energy and excitement of its predecessor. Triple Crown feast featured the highly engaging tiered Free – For – All ladder format of the prior event with a twist, a 48 hour endurance round designed to truly test the players skill and perseverance. This format provided players with the most opportunity to play and win prizes through every event tier. Triple Crown Feast was open to all players in North America and EU.



  • Thousands of gamers registered with 30% conversion from traffic
  • Most active players competed 7-10 times per day
  • Average player competed at least twice per day
  • “Triple Crown Feast” was 6th most watched show on
  • About 1,000 video stream viewers for every finals player
  • Twitter hashtag #TripleCrownFeast reached 2.7mm impressions
  • 22 Facebook Posts reached 102k uniques and 881k impressions
  • 100% prize redemption from all winners with strong brand value



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