Role/Credit: Executive Producer
Client: Ubisoft          Year: 2013

Beyond Gaming, the social engagement and casual competition platform for the world’s most popular video games, hosted the “Royal Feast” online gaming event as a research study on potential barriers for user acquisition and retention. The Royal Feast event was a 10 day campaign in which gamers competed in a tiered free-for-all in ShootMania from Ubisoft. The semis & finals were broadcast to over 85k viewers on

royalfeast cover


  • Thousands of gamers registered with 30% conversion from traffic
  • Most active players competed 7-10 times per day
  • Average player competed at least once per day
  • “Royal Feast” was 5th most searched term on
  • About 1,000 video stream viewers for every finals player
  • Twitter hashtag #royalfeast reached 4,437,305 impressions
  • 36 Facebook Posts reached 134K uniques and 800k impressions
  • 100% prize redemption from all winners with strong brand value




“I wanted to Thank You for the Beyond Gaming Tournament and website you created. My Son and I played all week and had so much fun. It reminded of when I would play in CS Tournaments back in the day. We will be supporting this website for a long time, and we look forward to the next tournament.” – Greg “plebian” Carpenter

“Thank You BG for this Tourney! It has been amazing so far! Got to play versus many great players and it was a lot of fun!:D ” –  Zero-Kun147

“GG Everyone and see you on next awesome tournament by Beyong- Gaming !” – Tortugo

“That was a lot of fun…and reviving to the NA shootmania scene…. Congratulations JiePie and thank you Beyond Gaming for the awesome tournament!” –axel45140

“GG everyone, thanks for the awesome tourney BG.” –Dukyy

“For a tourney with over 300 peeps. You guys ran one smooth operation. “- bosnak

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