The World At Play: Interactive Games & History

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The World At Play: Interactive Games & History

This is my presentation from the History Makers International conference (Jan 25-27 2012 in NYC). My session was entitled The World At Play: Interactive Games & History.

Games, whether it’s social, mobile apps, facebook games, console or interactive online experiences, have changed the face of entertainment. Games with or in historical context not only ensure your audience is actively engaged; they can also educate, entertain and allow you to reach a mass market. Join our panel of experts as they showcase, and perhaps just let you play their award winning games, enabling you to understand the challenges of games playing with history.

My talk was in two parts; How Stories Become Games and How Games Become Popular. In the first section, I used the example of The Princess Bride Game to show how we arrived at the final game design choices. In the second part, I explained the power of K-Factor in growing your audience.

Link to PDF of Presentation
Link to Excel Example (K-Factor)
Link to The Princess Bride Video

The Princess Bride Game – Animation Highlights from Blaine Graboyes on Vimeo.

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